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External Sector Statistics

The External Sector Statistics for the FSM shows the value and changes of FSM’s transactions with the rest of the world. The information is compiled using the Public Audits for the FSM and State Governments and their components. It follows the sixth edition of the Balance of Payments manual (BPM6). Data reported is in millions of US dollars.

Balance of Payments (FY 2016)

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International Investment Position (FY 2016)

download detailed International Investment Position report here.





External Debt FY2005-FY2016

* =  Tax and other domestic revenues

** =  Prior to FY2015 the audits did not included holding gains/losses.  In FY2015 holding gains were recognized.  All gains since loan draw down were booked in FY2015.  The actual gain during FY2015 was $3.96 million

*** =  A sinking fund equivalent to the drawdown on the public sector reform program loan was estabished in FY1997. This fund was also sufficient to repay the ADB basic social services and private sector loans.  External debt adjusted for offsetting assets exludes these three loans and is equivalent to net external debt.