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Population Statistics

The population and demographic indicators are derived from the regularly conducted Population and Housing Census in the country and its states. In non-census years, supplementary information provided thru surveys (eg. Household Income and Expenditure Survey) and administrative data (eg. Department of Health and Department of Justice) are used to estimate or project the population size. Population projections are always subject to revisions with data and methodology improvement.

Groupings (eg. age) and calculations of indicators follow international standards. In addition to footnotes the tables, further definitions, and explanations.

Definitions & Explanations
Summary Analysis of Key Indicators, Census 2010.

Population Estimate Details

Population Size and Density by Census

Growth Rate, Age and Sex Ratios, and Median Age

Population by State

Population Estimates [1]

Sources: 2010 FSM Census of Population and Housing; 2013/14 Household Income and Expenditure Survey
Notes: [1] Scenario assumes a consistent annual growth rate of 0.174% over the projection period.

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