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Our Collection Authority

According to our [Statistics Act: Third Regular Session 1988; Public Law No. 5-77; Congressional Bill No. 5-256, C.D.1], the FSM national and states statistical offices right to collect information is defined as follows:

The Division of statistics shall have the following authority to gather and compile statistical data at such times and for such periods as determined by the National Planner:

1. To gather statistical information

2. To design and prepare forms and questionnaires

3. To undertake investigations and carry out censuses and sample surveys

4. To select sampling methodologies used in sample surveys

5. To request respondents to supply estimates where recorded data is not available

6. To prepare programs relating to the acquisition of statistical information

7. To consult or cooperate with any other person or body for the purpose of compiling statistical data, and

8. To undertake any other necessary actions to fulfill its functions and responsibilities