Functions and Responsibilities

Our Statistical operations are governed by our [Statistics Act: Third Regular Session 1988; Public Law No. 5-77; Congressional Bill No. 5-256, C.D.1 ]

Below is a list of selected Office functions and responsibilities. To see the full list, click on the above hyperlink.

1. To advise the President and the executive branch on matters pertaining to statistical policy

2. To coordinate the statistical work for all National Government departments with particular emphasis in the following areas:

  •       The avoidance of duplication in data collection
  •       The attainment in compatibility between, and the integration of statistics compiled By national Government departments and agencies
  •       The maximum possible utilization of statistical data
  •       The formulation and implementation of standards for carrying out statistical operations
  •       The recruitment and training of statistical staff
  •       The general promotion and development of integrated social and economic statistics for the National Government

3. To compile, analyze and disseminate official statistics and related information

4. To collect statistics and related information concerning social, economic and demographic matters

5. To prepare and publish an annual statistical abstract for the Federated States of Micronesia

6. To conduct periodic censuses of population and other censuses and sample surveys at the request of the President

7. To design and prepare questionnaires for use in censuses and sample surveys

8. To promote and assist statistical activities in the states and to assist State governments and organizations in the collection, analysis and dissemination of statistical information

9. To liaise with statistical organizations in other nations and with international organizations regarding statistical matters