A Message From the Assistant Secretary

Welcome to FSM Division of Statistics Website.

We would like to thank the many individuals, businesses, and institutions who have contributed their time and effort in responding to our quest for information. Without their goodwill, it would not be possible to provide the reliable information our country needs to plan for its future.

Organized information has always been important in understanding problems, in aiding intelligent decision making, and in providing a means of learning from our experience.

The importance of FSM statistical information increased as the demand from the government for information became more urgent. Statistics provided objective information for the government, for the private sectors, and for FSM people in all walks of life. Such information is useful for designing, evaluating and improving specific programs and policies. Even more important, it serves and continues to serve as a measure of the evolution of our society, economy, and environment.

In recent years, statistical information has become increasingly important. With the government’s new national policies aimed at distributing its services fairly throughout the country, it becomes even more important to have good information to be able to target limited resources to areas of greatest need.

FSM Division of Statistics reputation for high-quality, objective and timely information has gained the confidence of the public both at home and abroad. FSM Division of Statistics is constantly expanding its efforts to make more and more of this information available freely through its Web site. Whether you are looking for statistical information on a particular topic or analysis of our latest surveys, I am sure you will find your visit to our website interesting and informative.

If the information you are looking for is not included on the website or you have queries regarding the statistics presented, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ms. Brihmer S. Johnson
Assistant Secretary