Consumer Price Index

Consumer Price Index

All Groups CPI Annual Inflation during the December quarter 2017 was -0.02%, a decrease of -0.88 percentage points compared to the previous year -.9%. This decrease was mainly due to decreases in prices of imported commodities.

Consumer Price Index for 2017

Federated States of Micronesia

The FSM annual inflation rate for the fourth quarter of 2017 was -0.02 percent, which was the lowest rate as compared to the same quarter in the previous years. The major contributing factors to the -0.02 percent annual inflation were the decrease in the prices of rice, gasoline and kerosene. On a state basis, the annual inflation rate for fourth quarter 2017 was, -1.6 in Pohnpei, 0.4 in Kosrae, 1.3 in Chuuk and 1.3 percent in Yap.

Brihmer S. Johnson
Assistant Secretary for Statistics
Department of Resources and Development